The SimplyExpats.Net VPN Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I watch streaming media service using this service?

The Esix Group provides Secure Remote Access and Internet connectivity to a wide variety of customers, both private and corporate within the UK, and whilst travelling abroad. Unlike many content providers, as a Managed Service Provider, we do not differentiate between our users based in the UK and those travelling internationally. Whilst the Esix Group does not place any restrictions on this service, in order to comply with UK broadcasting regulations, some streaming media sites may require that you are a UK resident and hold a valid TV licence. See additional note regarding TV licensing at the bottom of the page.

Can I switch between your UK VPN and Proxy Service?

Our Control Panel allows our subscribers to switch between our VPN Access Service, and our Web Proxy Service whenever they like, and at no extra cost. This allows our subscribers to use the service that suits them best, and also change their service should they be staying in an area where they cannot connect via their preferred service. For example, staying in a hotel or connecting to the service from certain countries.  

I am staying in a hotel, and using the hotel's Internet connection. Can I use the service?

It depends on the router and firewall configuration of the hotel. Some older routers only allow one computer to establish a VPN connection. Other routers do not allow "VPN Passthrough" at all. Therefore in this case, you would not be able to connect to the VPN Access Servers. However you can very simply switch your service to our Web Proxy Access servers, and continue to access UK based content.  

Does the service work with my XXXX device / games console?

Whilst we only officially support PC and Mac systems, we have a number of subscribers who access the service from a wide variety of devices including Games consoles, Boxee systems, and even the iPad (using iPlayer for iPad).  

I can connect to the VPN Access Servers, but then get an Authentication Failure Message. I can see that my account is activated and enabled from the Control Panel. What do I do?

Most modern routers support VPN Passthrough or PPTP. However, In some cases, your router has "VPN Passthrough" or PPTP disabled by default. In rare cases VPN Passthrough is not supported at all. In your router configuration settings, check to see if there is a tick box to enable "VPN Passthrough" or PPTP. If your router (usually routers that are several years old) does not support VPN Passthrough or PPTP, either switch to using our Web Proxy Service, or update your router.

I can't send email (via SMTP) when connected to the VPN Service. What do I do?

No you can't. We have deliberately disabled sending SMTP mail from the service. This is to prevent the service being hijacked and abused by Spammers and other undesirables. The easiest way is to either use a Webmail based client (Hotmail, Gmail etc.), which are not effected, or disconnect from the service to send email via SMTP clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

I am a Windows 7 user and experience some performance problems loading pages.

Our support department is aware that a few WIndows 7 users have experienced slow loading of Web Pages through the VPN, or timeouts loading pages. This can be due to an MTU negotiation problem with Windows 7. To resolve the problem, Press Start -> All Programs ->Accessories Right Click on the Command Prompt, and select Run As Administrator The User Account Control Window is displayed asking if you want to allow the Command Prompt to make changes. Press Yes The Windows Command Prompt will be loaded. Type the foillowing command into the command prompt: netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface " mtu=1300 store=persistent (Our support department would like to thank Mr A Gaunt for this fix.)

The Esix Web Proxy Service for Expats is a Subscription Service

This service is a monthy SUBSCRIPTION service. It is not designed for people who just want to use a proxy service for a few hours. We operate a subscription service to reduce the number of people who attempt to use our service for sending Spam and unsolicited marketing.

How does it cost, and how do I pay?

The service costs from £5 per month. We only accept payments via PayPal Subscriptions. This ensures that your payment is secure, and that both you and us are protected.

How secure are my credit card details?

We only accept PayPal payments, so we do not hold ANY credit Card or banking information about our customers. This ensures that the service we provide is totally transparent and that we can demonstrate to our customers that it is completely above board.

How do I cancel?

Simply cancel your subscription within your PayPal accont.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

No, not at the moment. However, we reserve the right to introduce limits should users abuse the system.

How can I tell if it's working?

Simply go to and click the Watch Online button. If you can watch BBC news 24 online, the system is working correctly. Also try this site: You should see that our Proxy Servers are based in Milton Keynes.

Can I watch this on my TV?

Yes you can. The best way to do this is with an iPad, and an HDMI dongle.
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